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Whats up! I’ve been on the fence about the PS4 PRO since receiving my unit on launch day last week. Do I think you need to go out and buy one right away? Probably not, however I do think every hardcore PS gamer should eventually get one. The price of admission being an extra $100 I believe its a no brainer, especially if you are a first time Playstation purchaser you should be buying the PRO. Besides the upgraded graphics and performance on certain games you also get a boost in storage which will certainly be needed. Those of you who already have units I think it is worth while to upgrade, if not now then certainly sooner rather than later.


How I gamed

TV Set - Sony Bravia 55 inch 4K UHD (XBR55X850B)


Destiny (all updates/expansions)

Battlefield 1

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Uncharted 4

Ratchet & Clank

Titanfall 2

I played my PS4 PRO on a Sony Bravia 55 inch 4k TV (XBR55X850B), my set does not support HDR. I am rather bummed out by this, apparently my set was the most recent model Sony made that would not receive a patch for HDR support, some of their older sets did not support HDR initially but were able to after a software update. Those of you who own a 4K TV will want to check the model number on your TV and actually connect it to the internet and see if you have a patch waiting. This is probably the biggest criticism I have with Sony concerning the PS4 PRO, transparency on which television sets or even a list of sets that use ALL advantages the PS4 PRO offers would be great. Right now I would hold off on upgrading your monitor or TV if you are still using a 1080p, especially with Black Friday coming up soon there will be many “budget” 4K TVs that will not fully take advantage of the PS4 PRO. I recommend everyone be patient and wait for more information to come out.


If I’m being totally honest I did not notice a huge graphical upgrade to visuals for any of the games I played, nor was I totally blown away by the upgrades I did notice. I also understand what it means to be an early adopter, although I still feel the sting of getting fucked by my 4K TV. I feel that my TV lacking HDR support may have played a role, however I did notice upgrades across all the games I played or at least felt like they were upgraded. The biggest graphical differences I noticed were in COD:IW and Uncharted 4, the game picture was super sharp and stood out compared to the other games I played, if I had to sell anyone I would showcase either of these games . All the other titles I mentioned looked a bit sharper as well, with the exception of Destiny, which to me seemed to have a higher frame rate/faster load times & menus. I understand I didn’t play a huge variety of games, I also certainly targeted games that said they were supporting the PRO, going forward I expect new titles especially Sony first party games to take better advantage of the PRO. If you are planning on picking up the PRO anytime soon don’t expect to blown away, but I think most people will be impressed. You can expect a nice new shine on many of the recent games that games that came out with PRO support as well as improved fps. I can’t say what its like the play the PRO on a 1080p set up, I think I will try it sometime this coming weekend.

One of the downsides I’ve noticed with the upscaled visuals some of the backgrounds in games are much more visible, and some of them indeed do not look any better. I don’t know why I’ve always been fascinated/fixated on the back grounds in games, it’s honestly the last the thing I should be paying attention to when I’m getting down hard during a gaming session. Whether it was the backgrounds from the Gran Turismo series to my all time favorite Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Casino Nights background (I would love wallpaper or a dress shirt with this background on it, the music for that level was dope too!) I constantly find my eyes wandering to the backgrounds of video games.


While I felt some games played better (Destiny) there have been articles going around the certain games are performing worse when played on a PS4 PRO vs a stock PS4, here is an example of one,


I didn’t play any of the games mentioned nor did I notice any kind of performance issues with the games I did play with the exception of Titanfall 2. Now before we jump down a rabbit hole I want to state that I was playing Titanfall 2 late last night in online matches, when I noticed that my respawn screen would be frozen as well as some minor screen freezes during my matches when switching weapons/grappling around the map. I had’t noticed this before (playing on a stock PS4), and am not entirely convinced it had anything to do with the PS4 PRO, if anything I think it had to do with my latency in the online matches which for some reason which was terrible last night. I plan to do a few more tests runs with Titanfall 2, if I notice it again I will try to get in contact with Respawn/EA.

To sum this up I feel that the limited visual upgrades I’ve noticed in my short time with the PS4 PRO certainly shows promise and is an upgrade over the original PS4. I believe that future games from Sony and third parties will find ways to take advantage of the PS4 PRO. This wasn’t intended to be a full review, if I had to score the PRO I’d probably give it a 7.5/10, I was a little underwhelmed by the upgrades I noticed on my current 4K setup. The biggest downside right now is misinformation on TV sets that fully take advantage of the PS4 PRO, if anything right now skip buying the new TV but you can feel good about picking up a PS4 PRO.

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